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Back Pain


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Sitting all day definitely gives back pain. This a big a issue with most jobs these days and with a lot of people. Painkillers are not the answer for me. Stretches and back exercises which help with spasms and also make muscles stronger is what we all need.

I tend to follow Arthritis UK leaflets for my back. It sure helps and takes the pain away. We recently bought a desk which is adjustable so we could stand at work if required. Of course, it is great to stand and do work on computers all day. But then I realised my knees were hurting to the point that I had to use an improvised walking stick from the woods while we were out on our evening stroll.

Standing all the time made my knees worse initially but after about four weeks the knee and back is all better because I think the muscles are getting stronger. Perseverence, especially with aches and pains, is required. We shy away from exercise due to pain but try to do what ever you are able to do and with whichever aid that helps. Don’t stop. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

A friend of mine seems to be in a lot of pain and uses a stick to walk. When I read her facebook feeds I do feel very proud of her because she is always trying her best with the house work, her pets and her garden. Gardening is a really good way of life. It gets you out. It is creative. The bending, lifting, pushing all helps the body. I must confess I haven’t done much these last few years. Recently my husband has planted some new pots which looks pretty and gives happiness to us all.

Yoga, pilates, taichi are all becoming ways of life nowadays. These need a lot of discipline to do them. I must says these have become sporadic for me because the gym is closed. Yes, no excuse so I get my mat out when I can and do them at different times rather than a full-on one hour class which I absolutely loved. My mantra is stretching and exercises to keep the body sound which then keeps the mind sound. Happiness to all.

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