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What is the point?



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I could not get rid of this thought- What is the point? A long term friend and doctor died yesterday due to COVID-19. Television and social media are full of beautiful words and tributes for her. Her patients and colleagues loved her. She was a fit and well person in her fifties but the virus did get hold of her in a bad way. So I come back to asking myself, where should this stop?

In this changing world, living with a heavy heart, pressured head and bloated tummy seems to become normal because that’s what happens to me if I get stressed. The agitation and helplessness are not going to go away. We all want to get back to usual living but I feel that is going to become a bygone era. We need to be safe and keep doing the washing hands and distancing to keep the illness away.

How can I get my motivation back – a friend said family, work and colleagues is all that we need and is enough reason to keep going. That is true. Pondering over what she said gave me a big lift. Thinking about what we have today is important. I was talking to my husband we need to make sure we are giving something back to society. Even a smile as we go for a walk might help the other person.

We are all having down days at the moment. I am in constant contact with people in India and everywhere it is the same story. Ups and downs are normal now. We need to be there for each other and we shall overcome this calamity. Did you know the biggest immune booster is laughter and happiness? Have a nice day my beautiful friends.

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