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Invasion Technolgy


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Invasion Technolgy is what I feel IT stands for now. Without realising we have been using computers and phones to do shopping, reading, googling, forming a social media circle, and IT behind the scene has been creating a profile of me. Suggests friends. Suggests events. Clothes range suggestions all the time. Group suggestion for cooking food. It hasn’t seen me though, in person, it doesn’t realise that I don’t really like to dress up so much and eating too much food could make me fatter. If I like anything about mental health it has decided that I am depressed and gives me suggestions of how not to commit suicide or self-harm. No wonder children get sucked up on invasion Ipads all-day.

I love social media to be honest because I am in contact with friends and family all the time. But my privacy being invaded is a bit spooky. I keep telling myself that I am no Donald Trump so the fact that IT is collecting data on me can surely not be beneficial for it. I mean how far did I travel and what spots did I stop at. IT will die a death keeping my same old routine day in, day out. I am happy in my own little world and no harm has come my way until now.

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