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Remember the twinkles


Love those twinkles, every year this bare tree twinkles, puts a smile each morning, for my children and me.

It is so cold, it is so dark, some days it even rains, some days it can snow all around, but the bare tree always twinkles.

The grey sky, the grey mood, the damp eyes, the very heavy heart, but the bare tree always twinkles.

Eyes can twinkle, smiles can twinkle, of course the stars twinkle, christmas lights twinkle, make sure to have your heart twinkle .


Rishika Sinha

Life can become so dark some days , do find a twinkle somewhere. Talk to people, get their love , don’t suffer alone. Pour out your feelings and bring out the little twinkle which will help you come out of the darkness slowly but surely .

Love to all. Enjoy the festive season.

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