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This my lunch today. Filling and guilt free.

Yesterday my daughter rang me to say I must loose weight and exercise to avoid getting diabetes. She has been going to the renal ward and has seen so many complications due to it. She was so serious and absolutely meant it. She had gone running herself.

Being a doctor I feel we cannot sometimes avoid getting diabetes but a lot of the times we definitely can help ourselves. It took me no more than five minutes to make my lunch . I have done half an hour of cardio workout in the gym and have an evening Pilates class booked with a friend back in the gym.

It is hard to watch the weight all the time. There is no excuse though to not be looking after yourselves. You surely don’t want constant tingling,numbness and pain in your hands and feet which happens due to neuropathy. Eyes will get affected . Kidneys will be affected. Heart disease and stroke happen more commonly in diabetics. You have to have a well controlled blood pressure, cholesterol and of course the sugars. Of course there is a lot that you can read on various websites.

I hope you all feel motivated to do some exercise regularly and eat healthy. Health is Wealth . No doubt about this saying . One realises it only when we fall ill. Happy and healthy lives to all of us.

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