• Mind over matters, matters over routine .
  • Head misses a beat, Heart turns over.
  • Stomach churns, wave of sickness floods.
  • Flutter in the chest, butterfly in the belly.
  • Head will burst, swims across the room.
  • Stop this turmoil,somebody help.

  • Am I burntout, is it overwork.
  • Depressed, anxiety, stress, I hear all day.
  • How can I calm down.
  • My nerves create havoc.
  • My brain does not stop.
  • Stop this turmoil,somebody help.

  • I need to sit down. Think again.
  • Is this what I want.
  • Have I got the capability.
  • I need to reassess.
  • What is my priority.
  • Stop the turmoil, somebody help.

  • I have me to think about. Bills are waiting.
  • Kids need care,family is my strength.
  • My selfvalue and the old age pension.
  • So many things to consider.
  • God will surely understand.
  • Stop this turmoil,somebody help.


4 thoughts on “Turmoil

  1. This is so familiar to me. I have terrible anxiety issues and I go through this multiple times a day. Just know you aren’t alone, even when it feels like it.

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