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Grace and Frankie


I have even got my husband watching this show on Netflix. We really enjoy it. Not sure if its everybodies cup of tea. One or two episodes in a day is good .I dont think we could binge watch it.

In Los Angeles we saw the sets at Paramount Studios, the name which we often saw on Netflix became real. I think its so hard to imagine how Television and Films becomes real, but not so real.

Virtual world is beautiful. A friend of mine buys lottery tickets every so often and I never do. I started thinking even I should buy a ticket. Even imagining about the may be of getting a £130 million is so cool. What will I do with the money.Coming up with ideas is so much fun in itself. The half hour of imagination transported me into the sets of Paramount Studios and actually living the life of Jane Fonda.

Grace and Frankie – both understand each other so well. They adapt so well. They are always in search of happiness and peace . The episodes are so much about love. Lots of positives about it.

Isn’t that what life is about -love ,peace and happiness.

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