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Korean Noodles is what has been delivered by Amazon today. Its so spicy and hot.Of course very delicious. From where do kids hear about all this.

My all time favourite has been Maggi Noodles -Masala flavour. I used to crave for it. I am not sure if I still want it as much. As a child that was one of my favourite and always helped in times of crisis, meaning stressed, depressed, overworked or when I did not want normal food like chapati and vegetables. Got into so much trouble for eating it too often. The best Go To Meal of all times – always worked for me.

Nowadays I have a mugshot in my cupboard mainly for the ease of making it. Works very well at lunch times as needs no cooking- add hot water and leave for a couple of minutes. It is yum .

I still haven’t perfected the art of making noodles at home like a proper chow mein. Will make it often with stirfry but it ends up being just about OK. Best thing is the ease of cooking it and the quickness of it. Working days, getting to eat a hot meal freshly cooked , is a real necessity especially after a hard day . Pasta and noodles work in our house quite well.

Ask any Indian if they like chinese food, the answer is always yes but they want the Indo chinese type of chinese food. So whats that. There is something special about it – the sauces are different for sure. It is much more spicy and hot. Some restaurants in UK are able to do this special chow mein. We tend to always eat these in Leicester where the restaurants are much more authentic.

My mother always tried to explain to me the food value of Maggi which was virtually zero in her eyes but for me it was hundred percent. I could not blame my son when this big amazon parcel came with the Korean noodles.I know the happiness of a good plate of spicy hot noodles.

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