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A reputation takes years to build but can be destroyed in minutes.

This line was said to us by a teacher. Sometimes things make more sense later on in life. We were having a discussion on the table the other day and my son brought it up. Is reputation important ? We debated over this first. Are we being judgemental .Why should we care about what others think about us. Am I the best person to judge myself?

Many questions came up with no right or wrong answer. It is hard to argue with my next generation especially when they are teenagers. These days kids read a lot and have various sources of learning. They definitely have a lot of lateral thinking and are much more fairer than my generation. They are not biased and don’t have any prejudices I feel. Their thinking is much more open and transparent these days. I so hope it remains like this.

Coming back to reputation, after all, throughout our lives and careers we are striving and working hard to make things better. We follow certain rules and regulation. Hospitals and offices have zero tolerance policies towards any kind of violence or abuse. A complete no tolerance to harsh language is maintained. Discrimination is not tolerated. If we follow these regulations , we are building up a reputation. For years we keep respecting others until one fine day you loose the plot and do the complete wrong thing. In the eyes of people and law, maybe in your own eyes too, you are well and truly done for.

Being reactive can be very harmful. Controlling anger and behaviour will take one far in life. By behaving badly, you might be destroying somebody else too. The person tolerating you might actually completely breakdown. Must think about repercussion of your actions.

Better to think about spreading happiness rather than animosity.

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