A colleague asked me if I was watching Love Island when it started .My answer was NO. He said you must be watching it secretly. No I am not. And I wasn’t But the last week of episodes, couldn’t resist it and watched every bit of it . It does get better by the end … Continue reading #loveisland


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com What is it about family cooking that makes it so difficult? I have realised thinking about only husband and myself is easier than thinking about what to cook when kids are around. Kids are not fussy but may be I over think things. Made a picnic for seaside on Sunday … Continue reading Foodie


A reputation takes years to build but can be destroyed in minutes. This line was said to us by a teacher. Sometimes things make more sense later on in life. We were having a discussion on the table the other day and my son brought it up. Is reputation important ? We debated over this … Continue reading Think