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We are enjoying our freedom in all possible ways. Today in the news , it has been about the sacrifice of soldiers and young people on D-Day ,  and that has led us to have safe and happy lives today.

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These sacrifices can be forgotten easily and the price that people have paid in those times. All those people should be celebrated. Free thinking, free living, freedom of speech and what not. Let us not forget at what and whose cost are we enjoying these. Learning from history so we do not repeat them is essential.It is hard to imagine how people would have been shot and they died for us to be happy now.

We do need to make the most of everyday that we are living.Did you live for yourself or did you have time for others at all today ? In my job I help people but can I or should I do a bit more? How about a kind word? How about a smile ? What about some charity? Have you thought about those homeless and drug addicts-why are they such. Do we have a resposibilty towards them. Am I very selfish ?

Need to change a bit I feel. There should be more happiness around. At the end of the day it is worth thinking what good have I done today.

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