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What’s your pace?


4 days holiday now . There was a question on Twitter -what are your plans ? I had none . Sometimes I like to have absolutely no plan days . Wake up when you want -out of habit I can’t sleep till late even after gin and tonic last night. I am going to go with the flow . Wait for things to happen.


Out comes the yoga mat – day starts with some sun salutations and meditation. The most difficult thing for me is to meditate. My mind wanders like mad . A patient asked me the other day if I became anxious and of course the answer was “ I am much too normal and get anxious at all sorts .” Next was how do you cope . “Well in an acute situation I have to do breathing exercise 4 in, 4 hold and 4 out.” Practicing with her – hopefully has helped a bit . Meditation in the long term is helpful. The quietness of a morning is peaceful and helps to brings thoughts together. My grandmother always used to meditate and I have tried to imitate her but don’t think I am at that level of commitment as yet.

Heard the song – Stand by me , such a nice song . It’s eleven months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married .This choir was sung at their wedding. Great song and it was a great part of the show.

Sounds like a good start for the weekend. Already feeling inspired with love and hope. Going to keep my pace slow and let the weekend pass by .

Calls for a coffee now.


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