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Do you tempt fate? Why though? You are just arrogant or ignorant . Surely one understands the dangers and risks but still go for it. You must be an idiot if you don’t get it.

As a parent I think the most common word I have used is NO. Kids get it and will stop but older kids and adults don’t. Go for it and bear the consequences.

Mindframe does not support risky behaviour so what then makes us do it? We went for a walk in the evening , my husband crossed the road running across, the lights weren’t good and it took me a few extra minutes to cross the road. Do we need to run? Speed of the cars are often beyond the limit as per road signs – why. One car sped by with such harsh tyre sounds and also revving up too much,really whats the hurry mate.

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We went to a casino once, I love doing things like this. Watched people playing and thought I had the hang for it. My friends and hubby were trying to stop me but I went for it. They are so addictive. You make money and soon loose it. Its hard to stop. Thankfully I got out of it soon enough. Recently I have met a few young people that have got into gambling, they are in an absolute self destructive mode, don’t care even if they run into debt. What kind of mindset is that? Alcohol, drugs do the same to people. We all know these are dangerous behaviours.

I was watching a TV series, one of the characters uses the phrase “tempt fate”, I liked that. Its open for interpretation. How calculative can you be with risks? We have to take risk in life but its important to understand what the impact of it will be. Impact on oneself and also others. People are selfish and only think about their own enjoyment or may not have any insight at all, for all you know.

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As a spectator, we feel helpless but sometimes people only learn by falling flat on their face and you have to let them face it all. The guy above can’t fall. It will be a disaster.

Never mind, all the serious talk, enjoy life and be happy.

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