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How much time can you give in buying a car? I never have enough time so I cannot do much thinking around necessities. A car is a necessity if you can drive. It is funny though how it is not a necessity when you cannot drive, reason could be so many for not driving, and one can still have a perfectly normal life . Its when you can drive and have enjoyed the independence that life is hard without it. That speaks for anything in life really. It is our habits and wants that makes our lives more tough and reliant on various types of machineries.

Science and technology has made daily living so much easier. Dishwasher – the best invention, home life is so much cleaner and there is very rarely a pile of dirty plates and cups, there is an issue still of filling it up and emptying it,better than standing and washing up or as in India relying on others to come and do it for you. Yes its true you still can get helpers to help with house work at a very low cost. Washing machines, kettles, toasters, hoovers – superb modern day living equipments.

Cars for one is a very useful thing generally. We decided to look around for cars for our daughter. It is mind boggling with so much choice. Engine sizes, makes, colour, registration year,insurance, servicing, mileage – enough to be honest. Face to face dealers, web dealers, local ones, national ones. I mean there is absolutely no need to spend a lot on ones first car and the purpose is to get from A to B and they need to be safe. Safety has a lot to do with drivers on the road , it may not always be your fault if you have an accident. I have had a speeding ticket once and an accident on black ice. I prefer travelling by public transport when its ice and snow or else if times coincide then get a lift from my husband. Definitely the independence is a big thing with cars. Well we have not yet bought the car for her. We shall see when its done .

No need to get stuck with machines and polute the world. Best is walking or cycling if possible. Not everyone can do it though.My father always walked to and from work. I still picture him with his book Emma in his hand, walking to Patna University where he was a Professor of English. Saved money and also was healthy. So proud of him. Wish could think and work like him. Whichever way ,do enjoy every moment of your life.


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