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“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
      Excitement, planning, calendar, travelling, shopping and so much more goes into a birthday. Its my daughters birthday today and of course where have the years gone.I can truly say for myself , my husband and dare I say our son, we have a beautiful friend in our daughter. We all bank on her and she delivers well. We love her so much.
       I kept teasing her last night that she is getting old and so is her dad but never mentioned that I am getting old too. It is about how you feel, I am not going to look for my wrinkles, best to let it come with smiles and laughter as Shakespeare says. Dream on and be happy.
      Our daughter now lives away, she is at university studying medicine so with work and being a weekday we were not sure if we will be able to meet her, so went down to see her two weekends back and kept her presents in her cupboard only to be opened today on facetime early in the morning.
       BUT – Dad is on his way, he left home at 4 am with some stuffed chapatis made fresh at 3.30 am to reach in time to have breakfast with her. Its an early start for her today at university, she said, with hand washing techniques to be learnt. Basics for a doctor I believe. Cake will be there to have with friends in the evening. Some more gifts which we so enjoyed buying. She will be surprised because we played this down well I think. Surprises are so nice on birthdays and make a celebration so much better.
      This is my fiftieth blog today, what a lovely day to write this one. Have a wonderful birthday dear daughter. Love you always.
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