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A stronger person


How can one become a stronger person ? Life definitely will throw ups and downs along the way , how do we get through them. I watched a video on Kate And William ,they broke up for a bit in their relationship, and Kate thinks, that made her a stronger person. Do we have to have a negative experience to become a stronger person? I hope not. But at least thats something positive out of a negative situation.

He will learn from his mistakes, let him get on with it. How many times have we said this to our kids, friends, relatives and colleagues. Well I think one is helpless so best to keep out of it and let them get on with it. We can’t do much about things in a lot of situation. Do you believe in destiny?

Karma- thats what I believe in. Strong beliefs do make you a stronger person. Understanding consequences and thinking about them before any action, helps in most situation. Impulsivity is a huge problem in the young. Things do go in a full circle and we have to deal with the results of what we have done. You will have to testify to yourself or to others someday or another.

Que sera sera                                                                                                                                   Whatever will be,will be                                                                                                                     The future’s not ours to see                                                                                                                  Que sera sera

Learn to be a stronger person so you can be happy at all times.







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