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When the night is dark and the sky is clear, the stars look so bright. We were coming back tonight around 7.30 pm when the stars seemed to be all around us ,we found a dark area and stopped the car. Sudden urge to stop and see the stars. Ryans belt looked so clear .How many times have we heard stories around these three stars? Everytime looking at them gives a new version to feel and think about them. Are they really the belt of a hunter or are they the three men carrying the dead to heaven? They could be anything you want to imagine. Nobody knows the truth.

Polaris shines so bright, it is called the North Star too. It really twinkles, an actual twinkling bright light. I thought it looked pink, no it is really very blue. This is all physics and depends on the light. It is beyond my scope of brain.

Recently there was a meteorite shower in UK and we decided to see it. Best time to see them was between 12 midnight to 4 am. Next day was a working day too. Anyways we got up at 1.30 am, drove around to find a dark spot away from street lights. It was very dark, cold, quiet and still. Suddenly could see the showers,spotted six of these .Very bright arrows almost going across the sky .That was a lifetime experience, imprinted in our brain forever, we needed to catch up on sleep,so we went back around 3 am. Loved the night.

Mindful of some of the most beautiful things around us can be a great experience. They will always be there to give you happiness. Look for natures beauty and enjoy them.

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