Spice Kits

Holiday season approaching and daughter will be home soon. Time for lots of home food. And more over she will want proper authentic food. I can be busy and make short cuts with cooking. Met a friend and she has her business of the spice kits. She gave the above kits. Hoping children will be … Continue reading Spice Kits


How much time can you give in buying a car? I never have enough time so I cannot do much thinking around necessities. A car is a necessity if you can drive. It is funny though how it is not a necessity when you cannot drive, reason could be so many for not driving, and … Continue reading Cars


Flowers say so much. After a full on day and best of all it is still light, reach home to flowers coming through and it's the equinox tomorrow. Each flower says happiness, colours, excitement, brightness, beliefs and so much more open to interpretation. Beautiful flowers definitely makes us happy. There are some beautiful English gardens … Continue reading Equinox

Dead Now

What if I were to die tomorrow ? So I will be gone.There will be none of me left . Shit man. Shit. But hey it happens. 50 people dead in a shooting , knife crimes, wars, accidents be it car, plane, cruise ship and of course a sudden heart attack or a massive stroke … Continue reading Dead Now


  “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” ― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice       Excitement, planning, calendar, travelling, shopping and so much more goes into a birthday. Its my daughters birthday today and of course where have the years gone.I can truly say for myself , my husband and dare … Continue reading Birthdays


Justin Beiber is struggling.Really. But why. Money, love, fame he has it all. Isn't this a common theme with many celebrities, when they have all practical aspects covered, they start to struggle mentally. One of the worst struggles. What is about mental health that they can't get right? Why does it hit them so hard … Continue reading Struggling