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How long can you sit ?


In fact you can sit for as long as you can concentrate and it will depend on why you need to concentrate. Long drawn form to prove your worth which requires soul searching answers and evidence of all the activities in the past few months and years , yep that’s right , it will need concentration.

My cup of coffee became cold and my back was hurting with sitting for three and a half hours -never realised how engrossed I was today .Reading each question and answering them with reflections- got me totally zoned in and it was quite late when I realised what the clock had turned to. It felt good though once it was all done.

One more crossed off the list-I make lists all the time otherwise I can’t keep up with timelines . Actually I can make lists for cooking , shopping, holiday packing and work . It puts less pressure and stress on the brain . Well stress management is a skill to learn. Now I keep a pen and paper even beside my bed because I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night ,with an idea or item to put on the list. Instead of trying to remember it all in my head – I find it easier to write . Keeps the stress low and keeps me happy.


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