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Heard JAI HO song in the morning on BBC Asian and they said – ten years of the song now. They started talking about what they were doing ten years ago. I also started thinking what was happening in my life ten years ago.

Few tears , heavy heart – and I kept singing very loudly in the car JAI HO with each chorus. Everyday I get this me time after the school run on my way to work . Time to process the thoughts.

10 years ago I was so young . Kids were so little. I can’t have that time back. Life was much too busy. We were very happy. Do I remember it all ? I want to relive it, I simply can’t now. Memories are there but I want to remember each day again. I can’t . Weird .A full decade has gone in front of my eyes and I did not see it coming ,rather going. So absurd.

I am not complaining but what have I done .Spent ten years , yes TEN years and not realised .It actually feels like a blink .

Thinking about this all day today and what was it like ten years ago -brought me so many happy memories and thoughts. It was all beautiful. No regrets in fact.

Weird feeling though.

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