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A very dark cold night.



Oh no, this is not a mysterious story, sorry. Finished late at work and somebody already told me it’s very cold so wrap up well when you go outside. Some winter nights can be exceptionally dark as well. And so it was zero degrees and darkness all around. I came to sit in the car and my word the seats were worse than ice -phew how do you wrap up your bum.

Never mind get on with it,put the radio on,I am not having Brexit so let’s have some music.

Every car seems to be going quicker than mine or am I being slow. Ah well I am enjoying my drive. Reach a bridge which is kind of much above everything of the surrounding area and literally the whole country seems to be lit up.I perhaps see it everyday but today all the lights looked brighter and happier.My car has warmed up by now.

One good thing about finishing late is you miss the rush hour and definitely the journey is so much more pleasant.

On my small journey I pass in front of a house which is huge and is used for homeless people, run by a local charity.There are so many people who are homeless and my mind goes to them throughout the journey today thinking about the cold dark night and not having to be warm. It gives me the shivers and chills. Some people can be so selfless and work so tirelessly to better homeless peoples lives.I salute these volunteers.Such a sense of giving- so much to learn from them.I would one day love to volunteer for them too.

I have reached my house and I am wondering how in such a small space of time my mind loved the lights and also the volunteers.Life can become beautiful with weird and wonderful thoughts. Okay as I always says I am simply being normal.

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