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Letter to Google



Dear Google,

Address-omnipresent. (don’t think you have an address-you seem to be everywhere)

Honestly how old are you? Who are you? God or Google,they know everything and yes whatever, whenever, whoever. Believe in God and yes God helps us in time of need and God helps them who help themselves and all the rest that I have heard about God since being a kid.

But my word Google, you actually do it all with so much ease. You answer all my questions.

I am not sure where my world atlas is kept probably bottom of the bookshelf,at least I have it. My favourite pastime as a little child was to sit with the atlas and look up places. Sun shining on the veranda,laid on the jute carpet looking through maps and lost in my world of imaginary journeys. Absolutely loved it. Where has that era gone. Google I blame you for taking away the novelty afternoons I have had.

Ok Google on the other hand I am very grateful for your maps and GPS. The fights I used to have with my husband on car journeys is definitely gone now and we reach places and parties on time. Definitely I give you the credit of more pleasurable car rides.

Patient empowerment is a superb thing which Google you have done to some extent. You should though think about resources before giving so much information about diseases. Somedays I end up reading you with my patients, yes I am doctor. I have had to develop skills of openness and negotiation. You do make me work harder and think harder. I am getting on a bit you know. Can’t keep up with you dear google.

I still love my little school dictionary which I have had for years. Ok google you can guess my age. But I am annoyed at you because now my kids don’t use dictionaries at all. Even French German Spanish translation homework is done through you. The kids just need you at hand.You are more important than anything in this world.

My husband-he is already very well read but now because of you and his favourite programme The Chase – the discussions on the dining table go over and beyond me. Before a meal he looks up things and goes on and on-be it poems, literature, news, awards anything. Google you don’t help.

Thats why I thought I will write to you. I don’t think you have emotions so be mindful. Kids don’t need mums anymore. I do feel left out when they don’t ask for my recipes which I have written in my diary. They have even learnt stitching from you. I used to get cross when they asked too many questions but I miss it too.

Again I would like to say you are like God – keep going you are doing a good job but you really have changed the world. My simple world that I grew in and loved ,has changed so much and changed forever. Technology has become immense. Not sure where we are heading but I suppose we just keep going with the flow.

Best wishes,



PS – I use you a lot.

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