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From today I am going to start Yoga .Never done much of it ,a few classes in the gym and some YouTube lessons on Sun Salutations.

The choice is to try my best to keep healthy .My 10000 steps is going well .Now at least 10 Sun Salutations per day should be quite fulfilling.

My downfall is the choice of food .I am so greedy when it comes to food.I really need to do something about it.Hope Yoga will help control hunger -can it -I don’t know.

Well this is the thing,the choices we make in life are crucial .One thing Is for sure we shouldn’t regret them later because we definitely can’t go back in time.

It’s hard though to make the right decisions.Being aware of our needs and thinking about the future should guide us.

We should do choice score on things out of 10 that may help .One day Google might help with this scoring system

Jokes apart think about the choices we are making everyday and base them on something concrete.

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