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Being watched and also watching


The world in your palm is what I think of mobiles now.

It is amazing to see what technology is doing these days .A friend showed myself dropping something through her door on her phone .She has this fancy doorbell which can talk and record everything around the front door .It was funny how she can watch things miles away and it was funny watching my disinterested self walking along in a huge coat and woolly hat.

I mean you can control the heating ,the washing machines ,the dryers.Do all banking .Do all shopping.The list is endless.

Locate what husband and kids are upto is quite handy otherwise they were having to text every move of theirs.I like to know what’s going on in their lives .Well that’s a mum for you.

It’s a very fast pace and we have to embrace it .My best piece of kit on the phone is the step counts either through phone or Fitbit.

This reminds me only done 2000 steps as yet -I am off for a walk now.

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